Kielder Challenge Walk [25.4 miles] – Saturday 10th September 2011

Jon Monks at Shepherds Walks organises the Kielder Challenge Walk each year up here in Kielder.

Last year I was going to do the 25.4 miles around Kielder Water on the Lakeside Way but it clashed with another event the Montane Kielder 100 MTB race – a busy weekend for the B&B – so I didn’t enter.

I did take the girls for a short Nordic Walk from Kielder down to Bakethin and back and saw a few runners enjoying the early morning mist before the heat of the day set in [ see   ], the walkers hadn’t got to me by then but it was a great day to be out on the Lakeside Way.

SO this year, 2011, as the Kielder Challenge Walk is on Saturday 10th September a week after the Kielder 100 race on Saturday 3rd September I thought it would be good to put best pole forward and have a Nordic Walk around the Lake for a bit of a challenge.

So I’ll be there on the start line at Hawkhope at 08:00 hours – poles poised …

If there are any other Nordic Walkers out there who fancy the Challenge get in touch, have a chat with Jon at Shepherd’s Walks.

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