Nordic Walk – Deadwater Fell (571m) – Summit & Nowt

Time to explore.
Ray dome, ariels, buildings, shelter, trig point,
views – it is an awesome place – it makes you want to run around like a child to drink in each new vista.
Not a warm place at the best of times so no time to dawdle but a thrilling place to be and to think.

LUNCH ! [Now that is a whole other post… ]

On the ascent we had chattered about zigs and zags. As a logical, mathematical type I think its intuitive that on a zig zag path you always zig first (Otherwise they would be zag zigs!) and the zig can either be leftwards or rightwards initially and I don’t get stressed about that.

The views over Peel Fell were grand despite the low cloud, shrouding the top.

J and M were well impressed with Deadwater Fell – photo time, view viewing and the Lunch m mrr.

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