Kit n Clobber

Occasionally I come across some kit that is really great to have.
It might be Nordic Walking specific, it might be for  general outdoor use.

I may have even done a review for you to watch.

I may also recommend a supplier from whence you may purchase an item, I also carry a small stock of some kit that can be purchased.

I occasionally receive commissions from sites which sell some of these products BUT I would not recommend anything I have not tried and tested.

Have a peruse through the following:

I have quite a few Re-Wind items – batteries always seem to run out when most needed so having alternative charging methods like Solar or Wind-Up are great, especially when you are away from the grid.

This one is a plain and simple,  waterproof LED torch, solar and Wind-Up charging, chunky and robust. Leave it to charge up in the car on the way to a day out, carry on top of rucsac while walking to keep it topped up for the night ahead. White LEDs.

NEW Re-Wind Eco Friendly Solar & Wind-up Powerful 3 LED Waterproof Torch – Ideal for ALL Outdoor Weather Conditions!

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