North Tyne Nordic Walking is brought to you in association with :

Twenty Seven B&B

Interesting sites you may find useful:

Online resources (videos/blogs/forums/books) for Nordic Walking:

Video – Searching Youtube , Vimeo and similar sites for Nordic Walking yields so many videos, with varying quality of instruction, advice and presentation.
I plan to list some of the better ones here – so keep checking back

Books РSearching the internet  for Nordic Walking yields a lot less choice in the way of books.
Ones I would recommend include:

  • Nordic Walking – Step By Step by David Downer – Click here for details of David’s book & his other Nordic Walking resources.



Current Issues:

  • Carry On Kielder 30p campaign on Facebook – without access to our local woods and forests we could lose a great resource in which to Nordic Walk.


The Information and views expressed on this site are those of the author, based on his common sense approach to dealing with people.
He takes personal responsibility for his life and his actions and expects others to do likewise.

He enjoys passing on his knowledge of Nordic Walking and his life experiences and does so generously and in return for payment,  including through sales of products and services advertised on this site.

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