Spring Is In The Air

Beautiful day here in Kielder

Blue skies fluffy clouds, hot sunshine – ideal for a Nordic Walk.

Birds in the trees, buzzards soaring up high, daffodils and crocuses peeking through the mulch.

Nordic Walking Holidays at Kielder

Announcing  our new Nordic Walking Holidays for 2011

In association with Twenty Seven B&B Terry is running weekend Nordic Walking Holidays this year.

See information on Nordic Walking Holidays page and get in touch for full details.

Go On Push Yourself Forward for a great weekend and the start of your health and fitness journey.

World Nordic Walking Day – Sunday 22 May 2011.

World #Nordic walking day will be on Sunday 22 May 2011.


Join me for a Walk In The Park to celebrate

Kielder Challenge Walk [25.4 miles] – Saturday 10th September 2011

Jon Monks at Shepherds Walks organises the Kielder Challenge Walk each year up here in Kielder.

Last year I was going to do the 25.4 miles around Kielder Water on the Lakeside Way but it clashed with another event the Montane Kielder 100 MTB race – a busy weekend for the B&B – so I didn’t enter.

I did take the girls for a short Nordic Walk from Kielder down to Bakethin and back and saw a few runners enjoying the early morning mist before the heat of the day set in [ see   ], the walkers hadn’t got to me by then but it was a great day to be out on the Lakeside Way.

SO this year, 2011, as the Kielder Challenge Walk is on Saturday 10th September a week after the Kielder 100 race on Saturday 3rd September I thought it would be good to put best pole forward and have a Nordic Walk around the Lake for a bit of a challenge.

So I’ll be there on the start line at Hawkhope at 08:00 hours – poles poised …

If there are any other Nordic Walkers out there who fancy the Challenge get in touch, have a chat with Jon at Shepherd’s Walks.

Gallery Updated

Popped some more photos on the Gallery.

Looks like I only Nordic walk in the snow but its not true …

North Tyne Nordic Walking

Hi and welcome to the new site for my Nordic Walking journey.



North Tyne Nordic Walking

Welcome to Nordic Walking in Kielder Water and Forest Park.